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impact solutions are the largest ISO 17025 accelerated weathering and lightfastness laboratory in the UK.

We are fast becoming a leading independent UKAS accredited test centre for materials. We are now UKAS accredited to carry out accelerated weathering & lightfastness testing which falls within the boundaries of our flexible scope.

covering accelerated weathering & lightfastness standards in different industry areas


what is accelerated weathering & lightfastness testing?

Accelerated weathering and lightfastness testing is designed to test the durability of your product. Any product that sits outside, goes outside and or sits indoor but in direct sunlight is susceptible to the damaging effects of sunlight, UV and weather damage.

Sunlight and weather conditions can be extremely damaging to your products but without the accelerated process the only option to test the durability of your products is to sit them outside for the life of the product. Obviously for many reasons this is not practical for most businesses or manufacturers. This is where the accelerated weathering process comes into its own, using an Q-SUNXe-3 Xenon Arc Chamber will speed up this process by around 8 times.

Lightfastness testing is the physical evaluation of sample materials for colour change and fading due to exposure of natural and artificial sunlight.

accelerated weathering - weatherometerweatherometer_open_straight onaccelerated weathering - exterior
exterior automotive
weatherometer_open_straight onaccelerated weathering - interior
interior automotive
line3accelerated weathering - outdoor
outdoor plastic

why choose impact solutions?

impact are a one stop shop. Our team have over 120 years of combined experience and can advise you on what type of accelerated weathering testing you need and specifically for your product. No matter the question, product, or standard, contact us today for guidance. With our UKAS accreditation, we can test to anything that falls into the boundaries of our flexible scope. impact will always do their best to help you with all of your testing needs but if we are unable to help we will happily point you in the direction of someone who can.

how accelerated weathering & lightfastness works

Using UV exposure and environmental conditions such as spray, moisture and humidity, impact’s Q-SUN Xenon Arc Chambers are able to replicate real weathering conditions. This increases the rate of material degradation by up to 8 times of real life.

accelerated weathering- weatherometeraccelerated weathering- weatherometer

accelerated weathering & lightfastness standards

impact have a growing collection of new Q-Sun Xe-3 weatherometers with full spray capabilities. These accelerated weathering Q-SUN Xe-3 Xenon Arc Chambers, allow us to offer a variety of test methods and standards throughout a number of industries including, ISO, SAEJ, ASTM, DIN, EN, PV, Ford, VW, Nissan and many more.

All these standards are designed to test your products to the conditions they would be exposed to, either outdoors or indoor in direct sunlight through window glass.

plastics method of exposure to laboratory light source using a xenon arc lamp

Exposing plastic samples to to xenon arc light with moisture, humidity, temperature and if required rain, to reproduce weather and light effects on the specified component. This test can be conducted using outdoor filters or indoor window glass filters depending on your requirements with several cycle options on offer.


Another set of standards we can offer are the popular Textiles standards ISO 105 B02/B04/B06 which offer options to test textile products to various cycles including indoor and outdoor options. Although these are textiles standards these standards can also be used on many other substrates as they offer a good average set of conditions that can be transferred to any test.


Two very popular Automotive standards are the SAEJ 2527 (outdoor) and SAEJ 2412 (indoor). These standards are general automotive standards that can cover a wide variety of components. The standards use a Xenon Arc lamp and offer heat, light, Dark periods, moisture, humidity and rain (Outdoor only). These standards are very popular and offer a great standard test for products that are not manufacturer specific.


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